Percy Jackson in addition to Musician regarding Apollo

Percy honors Grover’s birthday celebration alongside Juniper or other dryads on Candidate Playground for the Brooklyn. Just after gifting Grover aluminum cans, the brand new satyrs highly recommend to experience Pin new End into Human, terrifying really the only individual introduce – Percy. Although not, before the online game you may begin, Apollo comes and you will welcomes Percy and Grover Bakersfield dating service. It just be sure to make sure he understands that they are taking a day out-of in order to celebrate Grover’s birthday, but Apollo interprets that it once the 24 hours over to let him.

Apollo requires Percy and you can Grover aside in order to expose these to the brand new Celedons, a trio of wonderful automatons exactly who sing-in stunning balance and you will will do for the jesus inside the a performance in the Olympus. Grover protests which they voice great, but Apollo reveals that the fresh new Celedons is a good quartet and something choose to go rogue immediately following Hephaestus’ a few-thousand-year warranty expired. Percy complains you to definitely Apollo you will retrieve the fresh celedon himself, but he shows you which he needs to would an effective soundcheck to possess the newest concert and therefore heroes are supposed to work at the fresh new gods’ errands. The guy means with the two to look from the Theater Region away from Manhattan just like the Celedons are always seeking to become “found.” Grover knows that a good Celedon vocal in public you will definitely would size stress resulting in Percy to help you agree to brand new quest, but asks as to why the guy chose the two to accomplish the newest trip. Apollo reveals he enjoys Percy which their knowledge of the fresh new Sirens inside the Water of Beasts is actually a similar difficulties. The guy summons their own lyre and you may informs Grover one their immune protection system in order to enchanting songs and capacity to have fun with the lyre’s wonders tend to help in the newest bring new celedon. He sets the fresh rendezvous at the Empire State Building of the sundown ahead of vanishing.

Grover desperately imagines a crate around the celedon playing the fresh lyre, but rather summons a solid wall between Percy therefore the celedon

Percy and you may Grover (which doesn’t bother to disguise themselves) do the train to help you Moments Rectangular since it is situated in the center of new Theatre Region and you can filled up with travelers and you may Broadway writers and singers. While you are lookin, Grover shocks on the a hot-dog vendor cart and you can handbags this new lyre protectively. Percy inquiries the effective use of the latest lyre, however, Grover explains that in case just the right tune are played, it might create some thing. The newest satyr places the newest celedon approaching a good microphone toward a backyard phase also it prepares in order to sing resulting in Percy in order to articles wax inside the ears. The guy explains the difficulty in-fighting automatons with mortals and you may manipulates the newest Mist to display a beneficial presidential motorcade toward police for the purchase in order to take off from the urban area.

Percy conveys question once the Grover’s experience for the reed pipelines waver ranging from weeks

Because cops take off from the log off, Percy uncaps Riptide and you will episodes. Although not, new Celedon’s track resonates from the earwax and causes mortals so you’re able to weep during the depression. New momentum factors Percy so you’re able to freeze on the wall surface and you may topple it across the celedon exactly who regains this lady composure and you will initiate singing a track on the Apollo plus the sun. Percy begins wrestling toward automaton however, sees your temperature resonating regarding the song has melted his earwax and closed their shirt. Grover attempts to remember a crate into the celedon, however, random changes can be found on account of him becoming nervous. Without most other possibilities, Percy swings Riptide pushing the fresh new celedon to eliminate vocal and changes toward a beneficial quail just who flies to reach the top of that time period Tower.

Percy and you may Grover ride the new elevator to the top of one’s tower and you may go up steps to arrive brand new rooftop. It see the celedon serenading Times Rectangular which have “Ny, New york.” Percy thinks about pushing this lady off of the roof however, reminds himself one she would change toward a good bird ultimately causing an idea to help you function in his lead and you can requires Grover if he can have fun with the new lyre so you can summon a birdcage. Grover protests one to wild birds might be totally free, but finds out Percy’s bundle and you will intends to are. Capping Riptide, Percy requires Grover into the blindfold he was planning use with the Pin the newest Tail towards Human and you can steps new celedon. Since she comes to an end singing her tune, Percy leaps for her as well as gags new Celedon as Grover strums the brand new lyre getting a beneficial birdcage.

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